Thursday, March 23, 2017

At What Age Should I "Go for It?"

When embarking on a new venture that has risk attached, one might want to wait for the "perfect time." This could be when you have no dependents, when your company needs something new to inspire it, or various other reasons. This diagram, "The Age You Peak at Everything, According to Science" highlights the average age that you will be most competent to fulfill these actions.

There will always be diagrams such as this and multitudes of reasons in your head that will stop you from completing a task. These diagrams make you think that it might be better to start something a few years down the line. However, waiting on these ideas may be deciding to forego them all together. Invest time in planning ideas, but jump on them before they become stale and your passion fades.

Click here to view the diagram and read more about the ideal ages that science dictates.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Sledding and Tubing Injuries" Article

Just one week ago today, many of us were experiencing Blizzard 2017. Snow brings work such as shoveling, but it also brings fun in the form of sledding and tubing. However, these fun activities can easily take a nasty turn. We recently published an article entitled "Sledding and Tubing Injuries." This article was written by a parks and recreation expert and highlights things to consider when embarking on a
sledding or tubing adventure.

In order to make your snow adventures worry-free, please click here to read the article. Also, click the "Expert Articles" tab at the top of our blog to view more articles authored by experts.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reverse Innovation

Last week, we examined how learning leads to innovation. The video above demonstrates a practice that businesses can employ to bring a new edge to old ideas: reverse innovation.

In the video, it is explained that this type of innovation is done by appealing to customers in emerging markets by watering down products offered in established markets. Real-life examples are explained to clarify exactly what reverse innovation is. The example of an ultrasound machine offered in an emerging market and an established market speaks volumes: the product is desired by both markets for different purposes.

Employing this strategy provides room for new ideas and a jumping off point off of previous success stories. Watch the video to learn more!